Welding station for car bodies

Przedsiębiorstwo Aparatury Spajalniczej ASPA is a leading manufacturer of specialized welding equipment that is created at the individual customer’s request. Devices for welding car body elements are an example of specialized equipment produced by ASPA.

Welding devices are designed for welding of car body elements car. An example of such an implementation are instruments ordered by Kirchhoff Polska for the purpose of welding car body elements to Opel Astra III produced at Gliwice Opel Factory.

Instruments are used for welding spatial elements of a car body with manual welders forceps. They ensure mutual positioning and pneumatic fixing of welded elements with the required accuracy. The instrument control system, by communicating with the welder, ensures control of the installation of all welding details, automatic selection of the appropriate welding technology on the welder and control of the execution of the required number of welds. Welding of the finished front panel of the body takes place in stages, from the least to the most complex parts – using each of the sixteen instruments in succession. The devices have pneumatic and electric components from renowned companies. The control is based on Siemens S7 200 controllers with ASI communication bus. The components used ensure reliable operation, which translates into work efficiency and the quality of the finished product. The confidence of companies in the automotive industry confirms the high position of ASPA on the welding market in Poland, and continuous development allows you to look into the future with optimism.