ASPA offers upgradings and modifications of resistance welders (standard or specialized stands) in order to adapt them to new quality requirements or to start new production and welding new details.

We upgrade:

  • Welders
  • Welders station
  • Welding lines
  • Multi-point welding machines

The scope of work depends on the technical condition of the machine. The basis for modernization is the replacement of the old control with new, replacement of pneumatics and other machine systems.

This operation frees users from problems typical of older generation machines, ensuring:

  • High reliability – indicates the extended warranty introduced by the manufacturer
  • Increased effectiveness of the welding machine by modernizing the controller
  • Work safety – clearly organized graphics allows you to test the technological program before its first, actual implementation
  • Easy programming – programming basically boils down to the simple definition of welding parameters

If the technical condition of the machine requires it, we also replace drives and motors. The simultaneous replacement of the main control and servo drives allows the use of very precise digital control. During the modernization, we conduct training in the field of welding device operation and programming, adjusting the scope of training to the level of user’s advancement. After modernization of the resistance welding machine, we provide service and help in use or programming.

The upgradings of ASPA can also extend the warranty period of the welding machine.