ASPA is more than repair

ASPA leads a specialized welders service and upgrading services for devices produced by our company and other manufacturers. The great advantage of our service is the fact that the company’s headquarters is located in Poland. Thanks to this, in the event of a failure, we can provide immediate assistance, without allowing production downtime. Our clients do not have to worry about financial losses. As professionals, we know how important time is for every entrepreneur. We service the equipment both at our company’s headquarters, in Wrocław, as well as at the customer’s premises. During each visit of our service technician, customers can also take advantage of expert advice on the service and modernization of our welders. We are also happy to explain the process of the welding process itself and help you choose the best parameters, such as current values, clamping force and welding time. </ P>


Our service work is not limited to warranty and post-warranty repairs. We also exchange, sell and upgrade spare parts, including electrodes, transformer controllers and many more. Moreover, we carry out warranty and post-warranty inspections as well as repairs and upgrades of various types of welding machines. We provide our clients with the possibility of signing permanent warranty agreements, thanks to which the availability of our service is even better. This is of considerable importance wherever the fault of the welding machine results in immobilization of production and, as a result, in measurable financial losses. Thanks to the fact that our plant is located in Poland, the service team is able to reach the customer in a short time and sometimes make repairs on site. The aforementioned broad competences and many years of experience of our service technicians make it possible to repair non-ASP welding machines. 


One of the more interesting proposals provided as part of our service services are trainings in the field of servicing of resistance welding machines manufactured in ASPA. The trainings are tailored to the level of knowledge and scope of the participants’ skills. Both beginners and advanced welders take part in them. Among the most important benefits of employee training, it is worth paying attention to: </ p>

  • greater efficiency and longer equipment life: trained employees know how to use the welding machines optimally, achieving the desired results;
  • quicker changes: thanks to specialist knowledge, employees can quickly and efficiently use welders to perform new tasks;
  • greater motivation: knowledge of metal bonding technology and ability to operate our equipment provides employees with confidence in the tasks entrusted to them and allows them to feel satisfaction from their implementation.  

    Modifications and upgrades

    Executed by us modifications and upgrades adapt the devices to new quality and production requirements. Replacing the old control system, pneumatic components and other machine systems, we adapt it to the implementation of new tasks. Depending on the technical condition of the devices, we can also replace drives and motors. We modernize: </ p>

    • welders;
    • welding stands;
    • welding lines;
    • multi-point welders.

      Our modifications and modernizations are supported not only by many years of experience, but also by numerous scientific research carried out in the research and development department. On the basis of trials and tests, we check which methods work best for joining details made of specific materials and what conditions have to be met in order to obtain connectors of high and reproducible quality. We share this knowledge with clients through professional advice.

      We also carry out training in the field of modernized equipment maintenance.  We provide its service and assistance in programming. Modernizations increase not only the efficiency of devices, but also work safety and ease of programming. In addition, customers gain reliability resulting from the extended warranty introduced by the manufacturer. Consultancy is also an important element of our consulting services. Thanks to the excellent knowledge of various branches of industry, we can advise which welding devices will work best in the implementation of specific tasks. We share not only excellent welding technology, but also specialized knowledge thanks to which our customers can constantly improve pour production processes.  

      Research & Development

      The whole process from design to final execution is focused on providing optimal solutions for the customer of the highest quality. To maintain, but also to create high work standards, we have and continue to develop our own Construction, Research and Development Department and Rehearsals and Startups , in which we work with a dozen or so specialists every day. with many years of experience in the field of mechanics, automation, electronics and electrics. Our engineers are experienced practitioners with many years of experience who for the needs of implementation design effective solutions in the field of welding. The result of their work is the development of their own design of transformers as well as control systems. Both the first and the second have been popular for many years because of the solutions used in them, and above all reliability.

Quality control

Each production stage and end results are carefully checked and tested for compliance with technical documentation using advanced equipment measuring electrical and mechanical values.

Quality Control includes:

  1. Testing and measuring station – acceptance of finished goods from welding equipment.

Sample measuring and testing equipment:

  • TECNNA 1700C digital kilo-ammeter,
  • high-voltage measuring device,
  • multimeters,
  • ammeters,
  • Tektronix oscilloscope,
  • coils,
  • microprocessor system for force measurements,
  • ZD-20 type strength testing machine.
  1.  Length and angle measuring laboratory – controls the equipment which measures and tests the following:
  • calibration of mechanical measuring tools and providing calibration services according to ISO 9001,
  • product control during production,
  • control of finished goods.

Sample measuring and testing equipment:

  • FARO type measuring arm,
  • workshop microscopes,
  • hardness meters – Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers,
  • gauge blocks,
  • micrometric instruments,
  • callipers,
  • rod gauges and other.