Projection welding

Hump ​​welding consists in combining elements in places of special technological projections (humps). The function of the humps can also meet fragments of connected elements, e.g. the edge of the hole. Hump ​​welding machines allow joining metal elements, for which spot welding would be difficult or impossible. Special welding devices adapted to the welded elements are necessary to perform this task (this is additional equipment for the welding machine). After fastening the connected elements and pressing them, the flow of electric current melts the “humps” and makes a metallic connection in these places. These welding machines are often equipped with special pressure systems with a block of springs whose task is to minimize the eczema of the material during the quick melting of the “hump”. Hump ​​welding machines are equipped with a modern microprocessor control system that provides the user with precise setting of process parameters (current, welding time and clamping force) and stabilizes the welding current at changes in the supply voltage. Continuous monitoring of the welder’s condition by the self-diagnosis system increases its reliability, protects against damage and makes it easier to locate faults. At the customer’s request, we make special equipment for welded elements.