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zgrzewarka ZLM 100

ZLm-100 and ZLm-160 welding machines are intended primarily for the linear welding of sheets and objects made of low-carbon steel and certain grades of alloy steels. They also allow for spot welding of details. </ P>

The ZLm-100 welding machine enables both longitudinal and transverse welding. The ZLm-160 device allows to weld only transversely, but with high efficiency, the details with a relatively large thickness of 2 + 2 mm. </ P>

Our modern ZLm-100 and ZLm-160 welders use modern microprocessor technology control systems that allow for the exact selection of bonding parameters. As a result, the resulting welds have very high quality and durability. </ P>

Self-diagnosis systems and protections, which these welding machines are equipped with, ensure their high reliability and work safety. </ P>