Multi-spot welder for fencing panels

ZWP2-2-10 type multi-spot welder for fencing panels is an example of devices developed on special request. It is intended for simultaneous multi-spot welding of three layers of bars in fencing panels, with maximum dimensions of 2500 x 2000 mm. The ZWP2-2-10 welder consists of several subassemblies, including:

  • welding unit with transformers and welding part
  • entering station
  • mesh collecting station
  • mesh collecting and packeting unit
  • protective barrier and frame unit
  • control cabinet with “control circuit”

The welder construction is of a gate type. The two side columns in the ZWP2-2-10 are connected by the bar with top clamp actuators, bearing frame of the mobile bar with bottom electrodes and a parallel reinforcing frame. The side cabinets hold two transformer-diode block units, from which secondary circuits run in elastic and rigid bars. The ZWP2-2-10 type multi-spot welder is featured with 10 pressure assemblies. They are mounted in such a way that they can be easily moved or removed in any order. The standardised mounting system enables quick removal of basic pressure unit components and installation of two extra pneumohydraulic pressure units with the pressure force of 1500 daN.

The whole template frame which is an integral part of ZWP2-2-10 is made of aluminium profiles. It is equipped with rollers to move with the template in the side guides, and brackets for the lock bolts to be entered into the home position (laying of the bars). The frame dimensions are suitable for mounting a template with the maximum mesh dimensions of 2500 × 2000 mm. The template is built of 60 × 45 mm aluminium profiles, steel flat bars and plastic angles ( the basis for laying the bars for the mesh). The strip positioning the lengthwise bars on the side of the mesh last welding spot allows for the bar length increase only in one direction, which facilitates pushing the mesh out of the template and eliminating any potential deformations.

A system of frames and protective barriers is another important element. It consists of five 1770 mm high segments of mesh frames, two pairs of fully glazed doors with a bolt lock and electric sensor and two pairs of photoelectric barriers. The barriers protect the storage zone of of mesh packeting on both sides, preventing access of people and objects.

Mesh frames and doors protect other zones of the equipment, except for the loading platform area. The protective frames and doors are fixed to the outer profiles of the equipment construction so that they can be dismantled quickly and easily. The power circuit consists of two transformer-diode units, six SKKT250 electrically insulated units and the main switch. The welder has a three-phase supply. It is featured with a PLC from B&R which has a control function. A network of dispersed inputs-outputs controls the executive elements of the machine.