9 October 2017

How to choose a welder?

When choosing a welder you should know: The type and kind of material to be welded – e.g. low-carbon steel, alloy steel or aluminium.
10 October 2017


ASPA offers upgradings and modifications of resistance welders (standard or specialized stands) in order to adapt them to new quality requirements or to start new production […]
12 October 2017


Training ASPA offers professional training in resistance welding. The training is intended for beginners and advanced users of welders. Major benefits of training in resistance welding include:
13 October 2017


Expert Expert is a section for more experienced customers and for those who want to find a response and a product meeting the highest quality requirements.
14 October 2017


If you are not able to find an answer to your question concerning ASPA welders, metal welding technologies or any other related areas in the Issues, FAQ 
15 October 2017


Frequently asked questions and answers to the questions.