How to choose a welder?

When choosing a welder you should know:

  • The type and kind of material to be welded – e.g. low-carbon steel, alloy steel or aluminium.

  • Required welding efficiency – how many welds should be made within a specific period of time
  • Available connection power – power transformer [kVA]
  • Shapes and dimensions of welded elements:
    • sheet thickness or bar diameter
    • dimensions (you can submit 3D or 2D technical drawings or provide workpieces for welding tests)
  • Or quote related data:
    • required length of the welder arms
    • required shape of the arms and electrodes
    • span of the arms (sketches)
    • technologically preferred welder clamp (scissor-type or vertical)

When you send us an e-mail with request or a request form, please eadd some sketches or drawings, if possible.

Or just give us a call!