Having our own production facilities, we are able to make any kind of welding equipment. The majority of our welders are 50 Hz AC welders. For the automotive sector or wherever welding needs to be highly accurate, we often make machines with inverter MFDC sources. Every welder can be featured with any instrument designed by our Design Department. We can offer fully automated cells to most demanding customers. Equipment completed for renowned customers and brands is a testimony to our experience and capacity.

Automotive suppliers

Automotive customers

Owing to cooperation with automotive partners, components and devices made with our machines and technologies are used in the following brand products:

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logo firmy Hyundai
logo firmy DAF
logo firmy Nissan
logo firmy Scania
logo firmy mercedes-benz
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Strategic sectors

Our customers represent renowned brands in strategic areas, including the following:

Suppliers of computers

Being concerned about top manufacturing quality and performance of our equipment, we use components from the best-proven brand while making our equipment. They include: