About us

ASPA is the leading Polish producer of resistance welders. The company owes its strong position on the domestic and global markets to over 60 years of tradition and wide experience in designing and production of metal welding equipment. ASPA’s own design and research department regularly develops new process solutions and implements them in thousands of pieces of equipment and welding stations in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

We are now the largest Polish producer of welders, including spot welders, multi-point welders, butt-upset welders, seam welders, plier welders and complete welding lines and special equipment.

In 2017 ASPA S.A. took over the Czech brand of welders – Jesva, which used to be the largest manufacturer of welders in Central and Eastern Europe and whose production tradition dates back to 1905. A sales office was opened in the Czech Republic, serving customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We gained wide experience by cooperating with representatives of different sectors of industry and we know what equipment will work best for different operations. Our welding equipment is used in the automotive sector, machinery construction, building, electromechanical, furniture making and many other sectors. In each of the areas, welding turns out to be the best method of connecting elements, using heat energy. Electrical welding has lots of advantages not offered by competitive methods. One of the advantages is a possibility of connecting materials with different physical characteristics. The welds always have a very good quality, which results from several factors. Welds formed during pressure welding have a fine-grained structure that corresponds to the structure of the original material. Therefore, their tensile strength is the same as the plasticity of the original material. Furthermore, welding is an extremely stable process. The created welds are very durable and hard to notice. All pressure welding methods offered by ASPA are extremely efficient. Machine pressure welding time is much shorter than traditional welding time, and loss of welding machines value is relatively low as compared to other equipment. Hence, the cost of a single process is much lower than when other welding methods are used.

History of the brand and company

ASPA was established in 1945 based on Polish capital. All innovative ideas and values that ASPA is driven by were adapted to the needs of the Polish market to be later developed on a European and global scale. During many years of our operation, we have completed different challenging tasks, which helped us gain priceless experience.

At the beginning, ASPA was producing water meters, iron castings and products for the army. In 1962 the company introduced welding equipment into its portfolio. However, the history of ASPA saw a breakthrough in 1969 when we began manufacturing resistance welders for metals. Since then the company has been improving its welder manufacturing technology, introducing new products on the market, including spot welders, production welders, butt-upset welders, seam welders and friction welders. Subsequent successes supported by reliability and specialised knowledge helped us establish cooperation with representatives of the automotive sector. Between 1979 and 1980, we supplied welders for FSO factories making Fiat cars. Since 1993, we have been supplying welders for Fabryka Samochodów Ciężarowych in Lublin and in 1997, we equipped the whole welding line in the Volkswagen delivery truck factory in Poznań. It was the time when we were already exporting our products to foreign markets.

Observance of the values and their regular reinforcement soon brought the expected. In 1998 we signed a valuable contract with the DELPHI group, which is a global producer of shock absorbers. We managed to establish fruitful cooperation to supply a wide range of special welders.

2001 saw a change in the business management profile – ASPA became a private company.  Since then we strengthened our core values and two years later made a significant step towards technological development by introducing multi-point welders for building and mining sectors. In 2003 we established cooperation with BOSCH and started delivering special multi-point welders for production of subassemblies to Fiat Panda and Opel Astra 3. A year later General Motors decided to use the welders to produce their subassemblies. It was then when we developed special carriage wall welding stations for Alstom Chorzów. In 2007 ASPA was selected by Kirchhoff to produce special subassemblies for Opel Zafira. Welding of elements in the automotive sector is a priority because it determines the safety of passengers. The popularity of ASPA welders among automotive companies is a testimony to our reliability and professional approach.

Betafence, which is the largest global producer of fencing systems, also appreciated the high-quality of our machines. In 2009 the global corporation was followed by the Polish Plastment which ordered with us making an automated production line for fencing panels. Additionally, we developed an automated station for production of door frames, including FANUC robots.

Our position of a supplier of special welders has become gradually stronger on the domestic and global market. We extended cooperation with global producers of car subassemblies, including Kirchhoff, Johnson, Control and Keiper. In 2013 the Polish branch of Alstom, which had appreciated our cooperation, submitted a new order for an advanced, automatic station for making walls of Pendolino type train carriages. Despite numerous successes, we do not rest on our laurels and regularly improve our production processes and quality standards. It all makes ASPA a brand you can trust.