Linear decent spot welders (16, 25, 40)

The ZPm models allows the spot welding of workpieces of different shapes: metal sheets, shapes and bars crosswise. In this welder an easy-to-operate, modern microprocessor control system has been applied.

The ZPm-type spot welder is built on the basis of:

  • welding transformer of 50% duty cycle rated power: 16 kVA,
  • electrode pressure system of the pressure force: 70÷350 daN,
  • control system type ASM-713 that allows, among others:
  • automatic compensation of the welder’s supply voltage variations,
  • performance of the welding in single or serial operation mode,
  • programming and storing of seven welding technologies,
  • running the welding diagnostics.


Production in ASPA acquired ISO 2008:9001 certification.